Foshan Noah Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. has a special after-sales service organization, with a skilled and experienced team of after-sales service personnel, can provide equipment installation, commissioning guidance, operation, maintenance and other after-sales services. Our company adheres to the principle of "quality first, customer first". Our service is thoughtful and well received by users. In the spirit of being responsible to users, we make the following commitments to the after-sales service of our products:

1.The quality guarantee period of the equipment supplied by us is one year, and the life-long maintenance is calculated from the date of acceptance.

2.During the quality guarantee period, we carry out "three guarantees" (guaranteed repair, replacement and return) of the quality of the supplied equipment, that is, if quality problems or malfunctions occur in the normal operation of the contracted equipment due to our reasons, we guarantee free replacement, maintenance and re-commissioning of the contracted equipment. After the expiration of the warranty period, we will also provide the product with lifelong follow-up warranty service, which can still provide the service at the cost price according to the user's requirements.

3.We have a special after-sales service organization, equipped with a special car for after-sales service, convenient transportation, quick response, response within 2 hours after receiving notification of user failure, 12 hours to the scene for service, so that users are not satisfied, service does not stop.

4.Our after-sales service organization provides 24 hours a day, and has a service hotline 0757-82800126, mobile phone: 18908999901, ready to respond to user needs.

5.During the installation and commissioning of the equipment, we can send on-site service personnel free of charge according to the user's requirements, provide installation guidance, and participate in the debugging, inspection, power-on and acceptance of the equipment to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

6.We can provide technical training for the equipment according to the user's requirements to ensure the safe and correct use of the contract equipment by the relevant personnel of the user.

7.We have a logistics warehouse, which has a large number of common components for a long time. It can meet the needs of users for spare parts at any time. In order to meet the needs of equipment installation, commissioning and trial operation, we provide a certain number of spare parts free of charge at the time of delivery.

8.Under any circumstances, we guarantee that we will never trouble users for any reason, give priority to troubleshooting equipment, and ensure that the equipment can resume normal operation in the shortest possible time.

9.Our long-term preservation of equipment technical documents can provide free technical consultation and technical services for users, and provide assistance for equipment upgrading.
After the equipment has been put into use, we send a special person to follow up the users regularly, listen to the feedback of the users, check the operation status of the equipment, find out the hidden trouble in time, improve the quality of products and service.