Oxidation High-frequency Switching Power Supply

-Input voltage: 3 phase AC380V±10%;

-Output DC voltage: DC 0~25V(20V、22V、24V);

-Output DC current: DC 0~30KA(8KA、10KA、16KA、20KA、24KA、30KA);

-Programmable control system and intelligent touch operating system can be set up;

-Current stabilization and voltage stabilization switchable. Stable accuracy is less than 0.5%;

-It has the functions of current limiting, voltage limiting, soft starting, overtemperature, short circuit and three-phase unbalanced detection and protection.

-It is suitable for horizontal and vertical production lines with double row, three row and two end power supply control mode;

-Fully enclosed pure water cooling standard structure;

-Switch between local and remote control operation;

-Various communication protocols, such as PROFIBUS, Industrial Ethernet, etc.

Main Technical Specification:
Rated input voltage: AC 380V

Rated output voltage: 22V

Rated output current: 10000A