Electrostatic Dust Removal Power Supply

The advantages of High Frequency High Voltage Electrostatic Dust Removal Power Supply:The advantages of High Frequency High Voltage Electrostatic Dust Removal Power Supply:The advantages of High Frequency High Voltage Electrostatic Dust Removal Power Supply:

1、Overvoltage protection: When the high voltage output exceeds the overvoltage setting value, the equipment can automatically cut off the working power supply to ensure that the phenomenon of melting hole will not be caused by overpressure.

2、Overcurrent protection: When the high voltage output is short circuit, the equipment can cut off the high voltage output immediately without damaging the equipment (with over-current protection and alarm sound prompt function).

3、AFCI: When arcing discharge is caused by high humidity, press the arcing button on the equipment control panel to solve the problem.
4、Zero protection: The voltage adjusting potentiometer should be returned to zero in order to boost the voltage, to prevent the voltage at the high voltage end from causing harm to the operation personnel and equipment.

5、Ground protection: When the equipment is not grounded or poorly grounded, the equipment will alarm and have a light flashing prompt, and the voltage cannot be boosted to prevent harm to the operator and equipment.

6、Internal voltage measurement in the open circuit protection: If there is no protection, then the device voltmeter does not indicate, and the high voltage terminal has voltage. This protection function prevents the equipment from causing hazardous accidents to the operator.

Instructions for High Frequency High Voltage Electrostatic Dust Removal Power Supply:
        120kV high frequency high voltage electrostatic dust removal power supply for special DC high voltage power supply equipment. Microcomputer control technology is adopted to control PWM pulse width modulation, measurement, protection and display, and display the output DC high voltage voltage, current, overvoltage setting, timing and protection information on the liquid crystal display.
        Intelligent bad grounding protection and alarm function, bad grounding can not boost the voltage, voltage measuring circuit break protection (voltage measuring circuit break equipment can not boost the voltage), emergency stop button, etc., to ensure the safety of operators.

        Using 30-50kHz high-frequency voltage double circuit, using PUM pulse width modulation technology and high-power Infineon IGBT components, and according to the electromagnetic compatibility theory, using special shielding, isolation and grounding measures to achieve high quality DC high voltage power supply, can withstand rated voltage discharge without damaging the equipment.

        The equipment has a variety of protection functions, such as: low voltage over current, low voltage over voltage, high voltage over current, high voltage over voltage, zero protection, non-grounding protection, etc. Special sensor is used for fault sampling, and the action time is microsecond. The DC main loop can be completely shut off within 10 microseconds in general. During the whole process, the power amplifier's push signal should be cut off within 2 microseconds to ensure that the power devices of the equipment will not be damaged under the condition of short circuit output.

Main Technical Specification
Input voltage: three-phase mains, AC380V±10%
Output voltage range: 40kV~100kV
Output current range: 0.1A~1.2A
Pulse frequency range: 0~40kHz
Power: 10~100kW
The result of actual measurement: When the arc is started, the current overshoot is controlled. When the arc is broken, the current has no trailing. The current change rate is close to 2A/ms, and the instruction response speed is close to 20us. The power supply can be parallel synchronous current sharing, or can be used separately, without the need of a huge isolation transformer, high frequency transformer is integrated in the power host.