15kV Compact Transformer Substation

       Prefabricated Compact Transformer Substation


  Compact transformer(also can be called as Compact Substation, Prefabricated Substation) is suitable for business centers, schools, substations and etc, which can be matched flexibly, transported, installed and maintained easily. Also, it can save the space.


Technical specifications:

Model: YBW-1250/15

Rated voltage: 15/0.4kV

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Rated capacity: 1250kVA

Rated current: 48.11A/1804.27A




1. Save the space 


2. Short installation period

The on site installation only takes 6 steps: fix the position, HV incoming terminal wiring, protection setting verifying, transmission tests, commissioning, and etc.


3.  Low cost

Compact transformer can help increase the quality of electricity feeding with reasonable cost.


4.  Complete insulation structure

Compact transformer includes HV and LV switchgear, transformer, circuit breakers and other devices without exposed live part in complete insulation structure to avoid electric shock risk and enhance safety level.


5. Flexible combination method

Each Compact Transformer is a independent system, which varies the combination method.


6. Stable and reliable performance

The enclosure of our Compact Transformer is made up of Al-Zn alloy coated steel, with inner aluminium alloy shrouding and fireproofing materials. The fans and dehumidifying device can also be installed inside it. The compact transformer is fit for both indoor and outdoor conditions.


7. Factory prefabricated

Our Compact Transformer is well installed and debugged before delivery, which help you save the time and make things easier.


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