Electrostatic Electret Equipment for Meltblown

Electrostatic Electret Equipment for Meltblown


Main models: NYJDZ-120kV/2mA,NYJDZ-120kV/5mA,NYJDZ-120kV/10mA, NYJDZ-120kV/20mA


Product advantages:

1. Overvoltage protection: when high voltage output exceeds the overvoltage set value, the equipment will automatically cut off the working power supply to avoid appearing fusion holes. 


2. Overcurrent protection: when the high voltage output terminal is short-circuited, the equipment can cut off the high voltage output immediately without damaging the equipment (with overcurrent protection and alarm sound warning function).


3. Arc-fault circuit-interrupter function: when the environmental humidity is so big that cause arc discharge, please press the arc-removal button, then problem can be solved.


4. Zero position protection: the voltage adjusting potentiometer can only boost the voltage at zero position, which prevents the voltage of the high-voltage terminal from causing damage to workers and equipment; 


5. Ground protection: when the equipment is not grounded or poorly grounded, the equipment gives alarms with light flash, and cannot boost the voltage, to prevent harm to operators and the equipment.


6. Internal voltage measurement circuit open protection: if there is no protection, the device voltmeter will not be indicated, though the high voltage terminal has voltage. This protection function can prevent the equipment from causing accidents to the operators.


Product descriptions:

120 kV High-voltage Power Supply for Electrostatic Electret Equipment for Meltblown. It applies microcomputer control technology to control PWM, measure, protect and display. Its LCD displays the output DC high voltage, current, overvoltage setting,  reckon by time and protection information.


Functional characteristics:

Intelligent poor ground protection and alarm function. Poor grounding cannot step up the voltage. Voltage measurement circuit cut off protection (voltage measurement circuit cut off then the equipment cannot boost the voltage), emergency stop button and so on, to ensure the safety of operators.

Apply 30-50 kHz high frequency voltage doubling circuit , PWM technology and high power Infineon IGBT components. And according to the theory of electromagnetic compatibility, special shielding, isolation and grounding measures are adopted to make DC high voltage power supply achieve high quality and be able to withstand rated voltage discharge without damaging the equipment.

The equipment has a variety of protection functions, such as: low voltage overcurrent, low voltage overvoltage, high voltage overcurrent, high voltage overvoltage, zero position protection, ungrounded protection, etc. The fault sampling adopts the special sensor, the action time is microsecond stage, the action time generally can turn off the DC main circuit completely in 10 microseconds.The whole process cuts off the driving signal of the power amplifier circuit in 2 microseconds to ensure that the equipment is not damaged in the case of output short circuit.


Technical indicators:

Working Power: AC220V (-20~+10%) 50Hz

Voltage measurement accuracy :1.0% ±2 grid

Current measurement accuracy: automatic shift mode is adopted on low voltage side, total current is 1.0%±2 grid

Frequency:40 kHZ, with closed loop 

Ripple factor: <0.5%

Overvoltage setting error :<1.0%  

Voltage adjustment accuracy :0.1 kV

Voltage adjustment rate: the output voltage fluctuation range does not exceed 1.0% when the supply voltage is within AC220V± 10%. 

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