Earthing transformer

Product synopsis:

      Earthing transformer in type system for connection or Y type of neutral point can't elicit elicit neutral point is used to add arc suppression coil or resistance, this transformer USES Z connection type (or winding connection), and, is the difference between ordinary transformer coil of each phase is divided into two groups, respectively, reverse around the magnetic pole, the benefits of such connections are zero sequence magnetic flux can flow along the magnetic column, the zero sequence and ordinary transformer magnetic flux is along the magnetic flux leakage magnetic circuit circulation, so the zero sequence impedance Z earthing transformer is small (about 10 ), and ordinary transformer zero sequence impedance is much larger. According to the provisions of the rules of using ordinary transformer with arc suppression coil, its capacity shall not exceed 20% of the transformer capacity. Z type transformer can take 90% ~ 100% capacity of the arc suppression coil, grounding besides can take away loop, also can bring secondary load, can be used instead of standing, saving investment costs.

The product description:

1.The earthing transformer are commonly used to provide an artificial system of grounding point can take loads of neutral point, for grounding system to use, this product neutral point connected to the arc suppression coil or resistance, and then ground. Secondary winding with continuous rated capacity, as a station (by) with power.
2.The main use: substation, user distribution substation below 35 kv power system, etc.

The main technical parameters
1.the rated capacity of 100 ~ 5500 kva, rated voltage 35 kv and below.
2.insulation heat levels: F.
3.standard basis: GB1094.6.

Test equipment:

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