Active Power Filter(APF) Cabinet

Product Features:

Improve three phase imbalance Improve power factor Harmonic filter efficiency up to 97.5% Up to 8 modules in parallel operation max Compensate harmonic filter order: 2 to 50 Automatic current limitation with no overload Easy to choose the model, only need to measure harmonic filter current Response time <10ms Regular input voltage: 380V±20% Special input voltage such as 480V, 690V and etc can be customized OEM orders, distributors and agents are welcome.

APF Working Principle:

FSNOAH series active power filters are parallel harmonic compensation device. It monitors the load current in real time with an external current transformer, the internal DSP calculates the harmonic content of the load current and sends the control signal to the inverter. The control inverter generates a harmonic current injected into the grid, which is equal to the harmonic current of the load and opposite direction, and realizes the active filtering function.

Technical Parameter:


Item description 


Electrical specifications 

Input line voltage 



Number of phases 

Three-phase four-wire;Three-phase three-wire 



50/60±5Hz(User set) 


Compensation current (per phase) 

30A~150A(Depending on the model) 


Compensate harmonic order 

2~50 orders(User set) 


Power factor correction 



Current limitation 

Rated output current 


Multiple operation 

Up to 8 modules in parallel 



Up to 97.5% 


CT ratio range 



Dry contacts 



Communication interface 




Usage areas 

Indoor, without direct sunlight, no dust, no corrosive and flammable gases, no oil mist, no water vapor, no drip or salt etc.. 


Environmental specifications 

Working elevation 

Below 1000 meters. Derate when higher than 1000 meters, derate 1% for every 100 meters increase. 


Storage temperature 



Working temperature 




Less than 95%RH, without water droplets condensation. 



Less than 5.9 m/s2(0.6g) 



Degree of protection 




7035 gray /7021 black (Customizable) 


Net weight 

20KG~50KG(Depending on the model) 


Cooling method 

Intelligent air cooling 

Product Scene: