Smart Power Quality Correct Device(SPC)


 Product overview:

It is mainly used in the user side of low-voltage distribution to control unbalanced three-phase current, low phase voltage and compensate reactive power, and optimize power quality. Three-phase unbalanced current and reactive power can be compensated simultaneously to realize continuous and dynamic compensation.




SPC Working Principle:

Three-phase imbalance compensation principle

SPC monitors load current in real time through current transformer, and through the internal DSP processing and analysis, the compensation current needed for each phase of the equilibrium state is calculated. Then drive the IGBT output, the unbalanced current is transferred from a phase with large current to a phase with small current to achieve three-phase balance.

Three-phase voltage support principle 

BSVG sampling compensating point voltage, through the internal DSP processing and analysis, when the voltage exceeds the upper limit of voltage regulating (Umax), the BSVG outputs inductive current and reduces the voltage; when the voltage is below the lower limit of voltage regulating (Umin), the BSVG outputs capacitive current and raises the voltage, to ensure the voltage of each phase is within the normal range.

Product model naming rules:

Technical Parameter

Item  Item description 
Electrical specifications  Capacity  35kVar~100kVar 
Voltage level  380V/400V 
Wires  Three-phase three-wire / Three-phase four-wire 
Frequency  50±5Hz(User set) 
Efficiency Up to 97% 
CT ratio range  150:5~6000:5 
Rated current  50A~150A(Depending on the model) 
Unbalance compensation rate  >95% 
Power factor correction  -1~+1 adjustable 
Reactive power compensation capacity  35kVar~100kVar 
Total response time  <15ms 
Fundamental reactive power compensation rate  >99% 
Protective function  Overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, lightning protection, over compensation, IGBT over temperature and so on 
Communication interface  Communication interface  RS232/RS485/Ethernet/GPRS 
Communication protocol  Modbus 
Environmental specifications  Storage temperature  -20°C~+70°C 
Working temperature  -10°C~+40°C 
Working elevation  Below 1000 meters. Derate when higher than 1000 meters, derate 1% for every 100 meters increase. 
Degree of protection  IP44 
Mechanical specifications of modules  Seismic capacity Magnitude 8 
Colour  Stainless steel colour 
Weight  25KG~50KG(Depending on the model) 
Installation method  Indoor or outdoor, floor type or hanging type 
Cooling method  Intelligent air cooling 
Optional accessories  Option  Air heater/GPRS 

SPC Product Features:

A reactive power compensation product which considering harmonic compensation

The main compensation for reactive power and three-phase imbalance

Support low-order (3,5,7,9,11 orders) and small capacity (50% of rated power) harmonic compensation.

Safety and excellent reactive power compensation effect

BSVG can realize real-time dynamic stepless adjustment, no overcompensation, undercompensation

BSVG is a controllable current source device that mechanically avoids resonance phenomena

Modular design to achieve component-based product applications

BSVG uses modular design and cabinet installation design, easy to install

The benefits of managing power quality

Governance of three-phase imbalance

To avoid local heating and aging of the midline effectively , and even the risk of fire;

To avoid equipment false alarm caused by partial voltage unbalance;

To avoid  the risk of burning vulnerability equipment of control system caused by zero ground voltage is high.

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