ZBW Compact Transformer Substation

Product Features:
•The substation structure was the "eye" shaped or "goods" font layout;
•Product casing made ??of aluminum alloy plate, stainless steel plate, composite boards, glass fiber reinforced water board;
•The substations base galvanized channel steel or cement production, corrosion resistance, and have sufficient mechanical strength;
•Box top cover with a double layer structure, with good insulation, radiation protection and ventilation effect;
•The substation room Sizzling separated form a separate small room, each room lighting transformer at the top is equipped with automatic exhaust device to adjust the temperature of the transformer room;
•The flexible box color box changes, to be coordinated with the surrounding environment;

Product Features:
•High-voltage switchgear, transformers, low-voltage switchgear Trinity, complete sets of strong;
high and low voltage protection is perfect, safe and
reliable operation, simple maintenance;
•Covering less investment, short production cycle, easy to move;
flexible wiring scheme;
•Unique structure: unique cellular structure of double- layer (composite panels) solid shell, insulation and heat ventilation, beautiful, high degree of protection, housing material stainless steel alloy, aluminum alloy, cold rolled sheet, color steel plate is optional;
•Various types: Universal, villas, compact variety of styles;
•High voltage ring network cabinet assembly network automation terminal (FTU) to achieve reliable detection of short circuit and single phase to ground fault have four remotes, to facilitate the distribution automation upgrades.