Multifunctional Vacuum Coating Power Supply Shown at the 2020 Academic Annual Meeting of Guangdong Vacuum Society

Click: 244 Date: 2020-12-25 11:20:00 Information Source: Foshan Noah

During the 4th Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao vacuum technology innovation and development forum and academic annual meeting of Guangdong Vacuum Society, multifunctional vacuum coating power supply, which is developed by Foshan Noah Electrical Co., LTD, was shown at the exhibition area and arose the attention of experts in vacuum coating industry and manufacturing enterprises of vacuum coating equipment.

This power integrated ion accelerating and thin film material heating dual function, is suitable for the group ion beam plating and arc ion plating, DC sputtering coating, DC bias sputtering coating and other coating equipment. Arc ignition current 0~10A, heating current 0~120A, working voltage 0~1200V, output power 0~120KW.

It helps to avoid the overcurrent overvoltage protection of the traditional coating power supply, to avoid the passive arcing extinguishing and destroying the fai at the same time, and to avoid the manual setting processes such as discrete control work. Our power supply can be automatically kept track of the depth of plasma ionization of the furnace inside and automatically adjust the output current and output voltage.

The power supply has powerful programmable functions, with flexible control, stable working performance, reliable quality and good cost performance, which combine a good choice of ion plating equipment. Professor Tian Xiubo, who graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology, paid highly attention to this multifunctional coating power supply. He conducted in-depth communicated with our Foshan Noah’s chief engineer Doctor Fan Cheng and expressed cooperation intention.

Foshan Noah Electrical Co., LTD also displayed high-power magnetron sputtering DC power supply, high-power magnetron sputtering grid bias power supply, high power magnetron sputtering medium frequency power supply and so on. The power of magnetron sputtering power supply can reach over 100kw, which means it fill the domestic market gap of magnetron sputtering power supply for high-power vacuum coating. Its key technical breakthrough: even in the operation of the instantaneous short circuit, short circuit current can still be stable output, to ensure the coating effect.

In the meantime, our company exhibited 500kw PNC plasma nitriding power supply, 1.3MW SPS plasma sintering power supply and other power supply products. We have abundant experience and mature technology in developing and manufacturing power supply products. We can keep up the space of the development of coating technology and new materials and to be the pioneer in the plasma power supply industry.

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