Customer: Hello? Can you produce transformers which have stable voltage output? Foshan Noah: Sure!

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  As is known to all, the voltage of family daily use is 220V while the industrial use is 380V or 660V. But in different electrical environment, demand of voltage will vary accordingly. So, how to stabilize the voltage becomes a tough task. However, a distribution device company in Dongguan make an online inquiry to Foshan Noah Electrical Co., Ltd offers a positive answer.

Pic 1-1 Transformer installation and inspection

  Foshan Noah Electrical Co., Ltd is not only a manufacturer of regular transformers, but also irregular transformer, like voltage adjustable dry-type testing transformer. As is known in the industry, there are a lot of transformer manufacturers. However, few manufacturers can make dry-type testing transformers. Let’s check out if the specification of the dry-type testing transformer can solve the problem or not?

  According to the introduction of Foshan Noah Electrical Co., Ltd Engineer Ceng, the high voltage dry type testing transformer designed for a distribution device company in Dongguan can provide 9 different output voltages, and the design difficulty lies in the large range of voltage control, the realization of high difficulty.

  At the same time, the client pays high attention to this dry-type testing transformer.Foshan Noah Electrical Co.,Ltd also provides online instruction.

Pic 1-2 Transformer Check and Acceptance

  It is understood that this transformer is designed to improve the power quality of Huawei’s. There are 2 reasons for the Dongguan’s company inquiring Foshan Noah Electrical Co.,Ltd whether or not produce transformer with stable output voltage: 1.It needs to purchase a voltage adjustable dry-type testing transformer; 2.It hopes to have the product in a very short time to solve the problem. If you too are interested in the testing transformer, feel free to contact Ms.Emily Liang with mobile:+86 18988528466,

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