Foshan Noah Electrical Co., Ltd is an enterprise of manufacturing, researching and sales, established in 2007 and located in Fenjiangbei Road No.91, Chancheng, Foshan, Guangdong, China. Our main products are: 110kV and below power transformers (including oil-immersed transformer, dry-type transformer, rectifier transformer, furnace transformer, amorphous transformer, excitation transformer, isolation transformer, etc.); Complete equipments: high and low voltage whole set switchgear; Box-type substation(including Compact Substation, Pad-mounted transformer, Wind power box transformer, PV box transformer, etc.); Electronic transformers(including high-frequency transformer, mid-frequency transformer, high-frequency inductor, etc.); Power quality products(including APF, SVG and SPC); Special power supply (including for vacuum coating: magnetron sputtering DC power supply, magnetron sputtering intermediate frequency power supply, magnetron sputtering bias power supply; high-power bidirectional controllable DC power supply; high-power programmable DC power supply, high voltage DC power supply, special non-standard DC power supply; SPS plasma sintering power supply; plasma nitriding surface treatment power supply; high-power electroplating power supply; high-power oxidation power, high-power electrolytic power, etc.)

  The mainstream products of Foshan Noah Electrical Co., ltd are involved in power quality, power conversion, instrumentation, radio and television communications, transportation, renewable energy, industrial manufacturing, environmental health, medical security, plasma application and other industries, etc.

  Our R & D department has members of doctors, masters, and bachelor degree or above technical members. And our Export Department consists of six professional sales with rich experience in foreign trade. Driven to provide clients with good-quality products and technical support, we offer thoughtful and rapid pre-sales and post-sales one package service.